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'VERSTONE' adults & puppies & visitors - a small mixed selection

We train all breeds of dogs - and their owners! Plus we breed working type English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels on an irregular basis 


This page has a mix of dogs that we own or have bred over the years and some of those that have been here for training - many thanks to the owners of "our dogs" for some of the photos reproduced here



























Verstone Magik Action .... Dam: Verstone Magik Moonrise (Peg) X Sire: Helmsway Harry (Ben)













Please Click on pictures with blue border for full size




  BethPups_10-06-06_018.jpg (242340 bytes)  























 Finn 007 copy.jpg (143807 bytes) 

pup misty 012b.jpg (397387 bytes)   Lizzies Pups 003b.jpg (358324 bytes) Cloud - Bog Myrtle at Verstone.jpg (253726 bytes) 











Verstone Bewitchment aka "Zeb" competing at Olympia





























Hocus & Niks













ESS "Shay" - now a London Fire Brigade Sniffer Dog




Please Click on pictures with blue border for full size



















Verstone Melkin ... living in Sweden - Dam: 'Kennis' X Sire 'Jack'













































[Verstone] Caemon Wizord ... aka "Trevor"                                                                                                                Verstone Spellgrift ... aka "Belle" at 7mths old






















Verstone Spellcaster ... aka "Tasha"  Dam: Verstone Hocus Pocus (Hocus) X Sire: Squareclose Monty (Niks)






Lanain Quartz at Verstone ("Nudge") Born 22/02/2005,

background is3rd generation from "Verstone White Speed" (Gt G Father)

who's Sire was 'Highmoor Mist of Verstone" & Dam was "Bogmyrtle of Verstone".



 "Chester" Choc & Tan Cocker: Mr Browning at Verstone

                                                                                                                      "Bailey" Black & Tan Cocker: Verstone Ailfrid, Dam: Branwen x Sired by Fudge



"Hector" Black & Tan Cocker: Verstone Taranis, Dam: Verstone Morwyn (Tegan)



"Darcy" Verstone Fainait at 6mths Dam: Branwen x Sire: Fudge                            "Fudge" Verstone Tegwen at Meldarly Dam: Kennis x Sire Toffee




"Tiegan": Choc & Tan Bitch - Dam: Kennis X Sire: Toffee

































"Fergus" Verstone Dark Anwwyl - Kennis X Toffee Pup




























"Poppy": Verstone Dark Brenna - Black & Tan Cocker Bitch - Dam: Branwen


*Click on picture for full size


FTAW Verstone Spellcatcher at Brackenoak (Breeze) B&W ESS Bitch - owned by Ian Russell



































Verstone Dark Brenna (Poppy) B&T Cocker Bitch from Branwen - at one year old




























Verstone Magik Jedda (Moss) B&W ESS Bitch from Nettie X Max at 6mths old                                              Verstone Ailfrid - B&T Cocker Male from Branwen X Fudge




























Ruby & Islay Cockers.....
































Darcy - (Branwen Pup) with her collection at less than 3yrs old!



There are Verstone Springers & Cockers living and working not only all over the UK but also in various parts of the world, including USA, Australia, France, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Africa (Nigeria), Bermuda, Channel Islands & Ireland ....




  Please send mail to enquiries@verstone-gundogs.co.uk with any questions or comments about this web site or to link
        Now trading as Verstone Gundogs Ltd.    

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