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 Breeding: ...


  ... we are members of:

The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme ....

  Please see full details of the Breeder Scheme on the Puppy List page


As a member of The Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme our Breeding Spaniels are health tested as required by The Kennel Club:



Eye Tested under the KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Examination Scheme for inherited eye disease

GPRA CPRA: Unaffected/Clear

Goniodysgenesis: Unaffected/Clear

Fucosidosis: DNA Tested Clear (Non-Carrier) The dog has 2 copies of the normal gene and will neither develop fucosidosis, nor pass a fucosidosis gene to its offspring

PRA (Cord 1) Tested Clear (Non-Carrier) The dog has 2 copies of the normal gene and will neither develop the form of PRA caused by the cord1 mutation, nor pass this mutation to its offspring

Familial Nephropathy Tested Clear: Has 2 normal copies of FN gene in the English Cocker Spaniel. The animal will not develop the familial nephropathy and will not transmit the genetic anomaly to its progeny.

prcd-PRA Tested Normal/Clear The dog will never develop the prcd form of PRA (progressive rod-cone degeneration form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and will not produce any pups affected with the this form of PRA

All our breeding dogs are ...

Kennel Club Registered, 

Micro-chipped and/or DNA Profiled under the Kennel Club Identification Scheme

* For details of Health Testing undertaken - and what it means, please click here






Due to the high level of interest in our working bred dogs, there are both English Springer Spaniels & Cocker Spaniels planned for 2021 onwards





For details of English Springer Spaniel litters planned please click on Picture










For details of Cocker Spaniel litters planned please click on Picture










We are often asked what the difference is between Cocker Spaniels and Springer Spaniels. To quote Keith Erlandson: "The Springer is like a great foot soldier, he will do what he is told to do by his commander. The Cocker is more like a sharp shooter, he thinks he is smarter than his boss and can do a better job by himself!"


..... I believe that, once trained, you can instruct a Springer, but you need to let a Cocker think that she thought of the idea first! - but both breeds need careful, kind guidance in training!




For pictures and details of junior, trained or part-trained dogs that may be available please 'click' here or on "Dogs for Sale" button ... .... the Dogs for Sale page is under constant review, as from time-to-time we may have dogs to offer for sale








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