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Behaviour & Training




Canine Behavioural Re-training for all breeds                                                               

  • Basic & advanced Dog Training for all Gundog breeds

  • Canine Behaviour Modification

  • Residential re-training of problematical dogs

Choosing a dog trainer to suit your needs .....

... is often a matter of chance.


".... the training of dogs has changed a great deal over the years and it is simply not acceptable, fair, or necessary, to use harsh methods in training. The use of gentle, modern motivational methods based on guidance & psychology are very successful and are also an agreeable formula for both the dog and the owner/trainer to use "


Here we do not 'force train' a dog to do anything ... time, motivation and patience are the formula.


In today’s hectic society it is important that any dog should be trained in Basic Obedience. Simply because a trained dog can be safely taken out and about, he or she will usually have more freedom than an untrained one, and therefore will, overall, be a much more contented dog - with a happy, relaxed owner.


A trained dog nearly always has a better relationship with his or her owner and there is often a better level of understanding between them


We do not organise or run Puppy Training Classes nor regular Group Training Sessions, we work on a one-to-one basis... we will be pleased to offer advice to younger puppy owners that we feel would benefit from a little assistance







Key options for Training or Re-training offered


Option 1 .... One2one training ... We train you individually to train your dog; lessons are arranged at a time and frequency to suit you and your dogs' progress.


Option 2 .... Behavioural Consultation ... We can provide oral advice on your specific problem; following a personal consultation to identify & isolate the cause of the problems being encountered and the best course of action to follow.




Method - Time Structure - Professional Fees





Option 1

as required ....

£30 per hour

Option 2

1 hour Consultation

£30 per hour




It is important to realise that behaviour modification or retraining is not a simple process and we are often unable to offer a "quick fix" for training problems encountered by owners ... training any animal is not an exact science and we do not make any guarantees other than to give your dog our best endeavours.





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