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We breed quality working type English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels on an irregular basis - mainly in the Spring/Summer as we are busy working our dogs in the Shooting Season, for information on any Litters due please see "Litters Planned" page






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full of mischief  Click on picture for full size

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 There are Verstone Springers living and working not only all over the UK but also in various parts of the world, including USA, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Channel Islands, Ireland & Australia


















Sire :- Highmoor Mist of Verstone - "Bramble"

Dam :- Verstone Tumblemoss Nancy - "Spooks"

DOB :-  27/09/1997

"Bought from Derek Summers Amber is one of those dogs that you have once in a lifetime. Amber trained me and still does to this day. Amber is in her last season as a full time member of the picking up team. Amber is an all round Spaniel and is just as happy on the agility course as in the shooting field. My eldest daughter Lucy and Amber won the Perpetual Trophy at Selby 2005. Amber will be out and about this game and country fair season with Lucy hungry for a win" Kev Davidson.


Lucy Davidson and Amber with their Trophy










Twigs' Puppy Max ....after a hard day - for a puppy!









Willow 3mths old .... wishing & dreaming?


















Verstone Crystal Enchanter                                                                           Verstone Poetry in Motion (in USA)







































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